Sunday, February 26, 2017

Kate Seredy Illustrates The Gunniwolf

Ever had that strange experiences of looking something up on Google, only to discover all the top links direct you to a post you wrote on your own blog and had forgotten about? Well that's what these sumptuous illustrations have just prompted here at Callum James Heights. These are illustrations by Kate Seredy that just leapt from the pages of a slightly tatty copy of The Gunniwolf and Other Merry Tales (Harrap, London: 1937),  in a bookshop yesterday and I had to have. At the time of buying I didn't even clock the name of the illustrator (it was all a bit of a frenzy, there were just SO many good books in this shop!). So when I got home and Googled, I discover that I wrote this post about more of her work less than a year ago and had completely missed the connection! The Gunniwolf is illustrated in both colour, and black and white and unusually for me perhaps it is the coloured illustrations which appeal the most in this particular instance.

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